The transformative power of Human Upgrade is built on the innovative XI Code which became accessible to and researched by Masati after an incredible near-death experience.

The XI Code is an advanced continuation of the quests embarked upon by visionaries like Sergey Brin, Elon Musk, and the Navy SEALs, each seeking a competitive edge by accessing higher dimensions of consciousness and potential.

This revolutionary science eclipses conventional psychology, brain mapping, and neurofeedback methodologies by using Frequency HyperMeditations – a pure form of meditative practice that can rejuvenate your neurological pathways, mimicking the profound awakenings often associated with psychedelic experiences.  

In these altered states of consciousness, you gain access to the origin of your unique frequencies called Inception Waves—where the essence of your existential blueprint resides.

Suitable even for novices, the journey directed by Masati—a renowned authority in human potential sciences— is an 18-day voyage structured to revitalize your fundamental blueprint. The Human Upgrade process is meticulously designed to reconstruct your core blueprint, not only enhancing your inherent strengths but also transforming limiting hereditary patterns and past experiences into catalysts for growth.

Future medicine is the medicine of frequencies.”
~ Albert Einstein
If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

~ Nikola Tesla

Change your frequency, change your life.”

~ Masati

One might envision such a transformative program to cost tens of thousands. It has in the past, Yet, for over a decade, my team and I have meticulously honed the XI Code through the Total Human Reset, profoundly affecting thousands beyond the confines of the lab or clinical trials, where results might be skewed.

With a solid foundation of over 100,000 client sessions, we’ve distilled our system into an accessible, step-by-step process. It’s not only potent in its impact but also designed to be economically feasible.

This path isn’t for everyone; it’s crafted for those who have realized that while success is rewarding, true fulfillment lies in achieving spherical abundance and fulfilling your original purpose.

Driven by the belief that elevating individuals to higher states of consciousness cultivates genuine leaders, we aim to inspire a wave of positive influence. These enlightened leaders, in turn, empower others to unlock their inherent potential.

We envision a future where humans at their optimal potential spearhead the creation of extraordinary, eco-friendly technologies, ensuring a sustainable and flourishing future for humanity.


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*There are no specific generally expected results. There is no guarantee; you may not achieve any specific results. Masati helps you reprogram your core frequencies to help you transform your life. Masati is not a doctor; he does not have the power to heal, nor does he provide medical, psychological, or any other type of professional advice or treat any disease or medical condition. On rare occasion, select participants may have been granted a free meditation in exchange for use of their testimonial.

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