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Human Reset will shift every aspect of you… BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE.“*

~ Casey S.

Human Reset is AN ABSOLUTE MUST! Very powerful and transformative! All my relationships have changed for the better.”*

~ Fern

Human Reset truly changed my life. EVERY DAY IS GETTING BETTER and better!”*

~ Valerie C.

“Best thing I have ever done*

“Human Upgrade is AN ABSOLUTE MUST! Very powerful and transformative! All my relationships have changed for the better.”*

“Human Upgrade will shift every aspect of you.“*

“My life has changed TREMENDOUSLY*

“Human Upgrade truly changed my life. EVERY DAY IS GETTING BETTER and better!”*

“I am honored and humbled*

“The results I am witnessing are extraordinary*

“I’d 100% recommend this programme*

“I cried, I laughed, it was almost like coming home*

“I feel 20 years younger*

“Such a magical experience*

“I can’t wait to wake up and see how much more beautiful I have become*

More Experiences


(Note: Human Upgrade was previously known as the 18-Day.)

The 18 Day transformation is like dropping a pebble into a lake. It ripples out through my life. It is seamless, so quite hard to describe. ~ Luca*

This was my first Mas Experience. I am blown away. After my scan everything seemed different. What an upgrade I am receiving. I am very grateful. ~ Rosa*

This is my first Accelerated 18 Day and holy fucking shit, it feels like years of transformation! I’m getting to the core of my childhood anxious attachment wounds and really stepping into a new self and reality free from those patterns! It’s the deepest work I have ever done and it feels like after I have cleared this out, my life is going to change so much on all levels. Clearing this feels like a graduation to a new reality.

I’m feeling so connected to my higher self and I’m stable on the inside , whatever is happening to me. It’s like I’m ready for anything and I’m just welcoming all the change that my higher self has for me. ~ Sabine T

The most profound transformation during this 18 days that I have noticed (and it has only been one week!) is that I FINALLY have been able to let go of the feeling of needing alcohol. I realized that my whole life I used alcohol as a crutch to stabilize myself. While I officially gave up drinking 7 years ago, I still have always had those feelings of wanting a drink for many years. Even though I rarely, if ever, gave in to it, it was still there. During this 18 days, I was destabilized enough to where the feeling came up to the point where I went out and actually bought alcohol (haven’t done that in a long time), however, just as I was going to drink it, I had a very profound realization that my feeling like I need to drink is because I am destabilized and that is has been a crutch for me. Guess what happened next? I did not drink it because the feeling actually went away. This is such a huge thing for me because I have battled with alcohol my whole life. I realized there is a crack inside me that in the past was temporarily filled by alcohol (numbing the pain), but I don’t want that anymore. ~ Elena D.*

The 18 day program is so dynamic that I don’t even have the words to express how brilliant it is. I often in the afternoon take little naps which I now know are mini-downloads or upgrades and I had one yesterday that was incredibly deep and transformative. Also I looped it when I was sleeping and I had another one just before I woke. It is like I dip in and out of a magical space and I am and ready to go.
I would guess that as Mas gets major upgrades I am feeling the ripple effects. I have done the 21 Day every month since the first accelerated was started. I am beyond thrilled at the new design of the programs offered. It feels crystalline and I’m sure that event really catapulted us further and higher into the new high performance consciousness. I am super thrilled and excited to be part of this wild ride!!! ~ K.H.*

Thank you Mas for empowering me to make the changes in my life. The 2x meditations daily every month have kept me centered and calm while going through a big 5 hour operation and coming out the other end of cancer. My whole body shape, size and looks have changed, I look younger and healthier than I have in years and my friends, family and work colleagues have all said the same. Thank you again for being you and empowering so many of us. ~ Michelle*

I feel the frequencies on the replays….most definitely life-changing still. ~ Amanda T.*

The 18-day XI experience has been fantastic..It’s been 7 years since my 3 XI Limitless 21-Day Classes with Mas and a huge part of my sensing of My awaking in Body, Mind and Spirit is contributed to those past classes. Mas’s contribution to Humanity is Over and Above what is offered out there to change your DNA, Frequency mind consciousness, back to who We originally were created to be..releasing, taking our power back, never living for the Matrix of society ever again and all of the millions of years of deliberate programming. Deep Gratitude for you Mas and XI Team for bringing this together. Much Appreciation, Love to Mas, team and loved ones..Thank you!!
~ Miranda T.*

After a few years of XI work, you realize that this is not a therapy program, or a success program, or a program to delete patterns. It is a tool to open our eyes and we realize this is a ‘way of life’. It is a tool to help us think and remember beyond our limited mind. that’s when we stop complaining, becasue we know why our life is the way it is. We continue our XI journey becasue of our desire to connect to the purest source. It’s not about maintenance. We use everything and every opportunity to connect to our purst self. This includes the 18 Days, becasue it’s the fastest and best out there. At least the best I have come accross. Money, joy, love peace are all bonuses along the way. This is what Buddha, Jesus and Mohammad were trying to convey with the limite vocabulary they had during their times.
~ Aisha N.*

By the end of the 18 Days my lungs were stronger and I was not coughing so much. My spine, which was silent for so many years, was also waking up.
~ Grace P.*

I have noticed a huge shift in how I take in “things” in general – even bad news does not affect me emotionally as prior to starting the 18 day program. And we are not even finished yet! ~ Janet D.*

This has been my first 18 Day. I felt so much energy shifting in the beginning. Mental chatter seems to be less and I’m trusting the process more. I’m feeling my energy shifting others more quickly in my acupuncture practice. ~ Sophie W.*

Every 18 Days I tell myself this one is the best one yet! But they just keep getting more amazing. ~ Faith L.*

The extremely powerful meditations with Mas’ high frequency transmissions became the platform to experience, to sit, and to breathe each morning and night during our 18 Days and even more so now as my body adjusts and readjusts to new frequencies and new ways of thinking and being.
~ Grace P.*

Wow, there are no words anymore for the 18 Day transformation! I’m really feeling today’s Medihealings settling in. No words, just love. ~ Tina P.*

This last 18 Day was super strong and I often feel like I am dying. But I know this is because I have shed frequencies that are no longer beneficial. I still do not look too different on the outside, but I feel different on the inside. Much happier and calmer, much more in tune with nature. Nature is so much brighter to me-the leaves and trees and flowers look so vibrant. I feel like before I was a walking zombie. Just doing what everyone does, going to work, come home, cook dinner, like I was definitely on the hamster wheel of life. I feel like now I savor the richness of life and appreciate the little things.
~ Violet D.*

The last 18 Day broke me down completely. My job terminated me without cause and my 15 year abusive relationship is ending. It’s such a peaceful process. The 18 Day changed my whole perspective and I’m looking forward to the future.
~ Carmel F.*

The 18 days has been mega – perhaps the most penetrating one of all the 18 days I have done over 7 years. Mas’s frequencies have been epic. They have enabled me to go even deeper to break apart all the old buried trauma from my past and literally extract it out of my DNA. I have felt resolutions to many of my niggly interpersonal and intimacy patterns rising into my awareness. I am SO MUCH clearer who I am in my identity and am solidifying in relationships so they are more fruitful and enjoyable and I can set really good clear boundaries when people try and anchor into me, without the old dramas and annihilating patterns that used to accompany those challenges.~ Isaac S.*

Those facing challenges- stick with it! I quit previous 18 Day programs because I became sick. Since then I have completed a Total Human and the Addiction Series over the last couple of years. I was ‘called’ to this 18 Day and it has been transformative! I’m experiencing fabulous new financial opportunities and relationships, a marvelous enhancement in my relationship with my wife (who is also doing this 18 Day), and a healthy attitude towards work. ~Ian M*

On day one when Mas started talking I could feel the frequencies right away. It sounds strange but there was a lightness in my body and the heaviness in my head was lifted.
For the days leading up to day one of the 18-day meditation I had been feeling very positive and good and I wonder if the frequencies actually took effect a little bit before the 18 days started. My life was going much smoother than usual. Something I could get used to
~ Terra J.*

I feel a calmness that I haven’t before. My heart rate lowered and my body relaxed like in no other meditation. I’m staying in this place- it’s awesome. ~ Sammy R.*

Thank you Mas! These 18 Days have been truly magic. So many moments of pure connection and bliss. Thank you so very much for shining your light. ~ Shonda A.*

Everything looks clearer and more vibrant. Thanks Mas ~ Carol C.*

Wow, so much has shed from me this 18 Day- layers I didn’t even know were buried. Today I felt like I’d woken up with a totally fresh slate. ~ Samuel F.*

This has been the most transformative experience for me ~ Silvia M.*

A year of 18 Day Meditations and I’m more stable and happy, and lighter than ever before. I take longer than some to let go but I’ve healed layers and layers of distortion and trauma in a short time. ~ Eva P.*

The 18 Day changed my life. Everything fell apart and it was hard, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I love myself and my life now. I’m in my power. And my abilities are coming in. ~ Stacey P.*

In a way subtle, in a way very powerful. Your 18 days has really served me in moving forward. ~ David S.*

I’ve been searching my entire life for who I am and how to heal and grow. Life was getting very heavy this year, I had many health issues and underlying emotional traumas I was used to ignoring and suppressing . My health got so bad and I knew it was because I had been holding back and not being honest about myself, who I was. That month I happened to see a random live interview of Mas and by the end it felt like the cells of my body were crying out for what Mas offered with the 18 days. I’ve literally never ever wanted something so badly in my whole life. I didn’t have the money for it. Finally I asked my husband who I was sure wouldn’t buy it for me, and to my surprise he gladly did. So I went through the March 18 days and had the funds for the May 18 days as well! My entire life flew open and I finally dealt with an entire childhood, teen and young adulthood of serious mental and sexual abuse by my ex parents. The month of April was the craziest and most intense in the best way, month of my life. My personality shifted, the way I talk, parent, love and move towards my future has all been massively impacted. And, the catastrophic pain of my past was very quickly let go of, and moved into the past. It all happened seamlessly, smoothly, and almost effortlessly. My life has changed and my health issues either went away or are currently healing. My marriage is dynamic and stress free. My children are growing in their own confidence and identity; and I am now feeling, literally for the very first time in my entire existence that I am truly myself.
And now finally able to begin building the life I’ve always wanted for myself and my family.
I always knew there was something more. Now I’m just starting to live it. Money cannot buy the value these 18 days have given me. ~ Alison M.*

Myself and my kids were living in an inhabitable home with mold and a neighbor who was constantly harassing us almost daily. l joined the 18 Day Essential and l received a miracle housing situation where my boss at work had one of his rentals become available. We moved so fast and also manifested a beautiful kitchen table and leather sofa and other beautiful things. Thank you! ~ Ciara L.*

This has been life- changing and so incredibly healing. ~ Kassandra*

I’m moving around like I’m a whole new being. This 18 Day has been a total body-brain transplant! ~ Ken*

I did the 18 Day Program and it raised my frequency tremendously ~ Pete D.*

The 18 Day changed my perspective of my life so quickly. Amazing!! ~ Bonnie M.*

My right side was damaged in a car accident and on the first day of the 18 Day program, the dull pain in my right arm subsided. Since then my severe anxiety has left me and I feel so much clearer. Mas is extremely patient and has helped me more than I could ever know or realize. ~Bianca C.*

The 18 Day program is like getting a second chance at life. ~ Dennis K.*

The 18 Day is the MOST powerful tool for change! I’ve overcome trauma, CPTSD, anxiety, depression, diseases, addiction, abuse and poverty. Now I thrive 360 degrees. ~ Amanda D.*

Phenomenal experience! Massive positive changes on so many levels with the 18 Day. I feel leaner, cleaner, stronger and more centered. All the experiences around me now reflect that! ~ Gavin B.*

After my first 18 Day program, I quit smoking tobacco unintentionally…just stopped craving it, something I wished I could do for five years but didn’t think possible. ~ Brandon H.*

First time doing the 18 Day. It’s the most amazing transformation at what feels like lightning speed…this all makes so much sense! ~ Jacinta N.*

I’m feeling powerful in my being. This is my fourth 18 Day and I cannot thank you enough for my growth and confidence in my powerful beautiful self. ~ Eleanor B.*

The most recent one I completed was the 18 Days Medimorphosis Accelerated Program where I actually began to feel good being in my body, for the first time ever, and I mean to the point where I LIKED being in my body! Finding Mas gave me the life experience I needed to completely turn my life around.
I will never forget in the middle of the 18 days, during a deep mirror meditation, I met my higher self for the first time and I literally fell in love with MYSELF for the first time in my life! That experience alone completely changed my life and I am forever grateful to Mas for it. I now had the experience to finally understand the HOW to, when it comes to hearing the phrase “Love yourself”.
Once the 18 days ended, I kept up with the daily practice of spatial referencing. And oh my gosh the effects were mind blowing! Life became a richer experience. I started seeing things around me I had never seen before, and more quickly and with more depth perception. While paddle boarding, I saw fish swimming below me. Sounds were resonating at a different pitch and I started hearing things in songs I had never heard before. My sense of smell was stronger and food and drinks tasted better than ever! The spatial referencing tool finally gave me experience to understand the HOW to, when it comes to hearing the phrase “Live in the present moment”.
And another huge change from doing the 18 days has been the process of letting go of my old self, which really had no true identity attached to it. Building my new, true self and discovering my real identity is an ongoing process where I am actually starting to live my own life, for myself, and not for anyone else, and I am having a total blast trying new things out to find out what it is I truly like and what it is I truly want! It’s so incredibly exciting! It’s like starting over. It’s like a brand new life. ~ Romy P.*

This is my testimonial about overcoming a lifelong addiction pattern. I am a 63 year old single male who had a compulsive sexual addiction, mostly on the internet but at times with others. I knew that there had to be other root psychological causes for my behavior but as with all addictions insight did not stop this visceral auto pilot need to satisfy my desires. Any spiritual principles I have made no difference. Because it did not disrupt my life in too great a way other than perpetuating self hatred and a weakened physical state I never admitted it to anyone privately or professionally.
After the 18 Day I have not had the thought, the desire or the need to act on it in any way. I was not looking for this to be an end result of my 18 day and in fact it was not even on my mind at the time. In short it was not a conscious or desired outcome when I started the 18 Day. I cannot link any other reason other than my work with Mas as the literal overnight cessation. I am so grateful and amazed that this life long burden has simply disappeared without any further explanation or need to find the root cause but attribute it to Mas and deletion of that frequency. It is truly incredible .
This addiction prevented me from seeking out more healthier productive relationships because so much of my mindset was one pointed. I now see my life aligning with my true authentic holistic limitless self and know it’s never too late to make a new beginning.
~ Evan M.*

My life has changed immensely through the work I have done with Mas. The 18 Day has helped me to recover myself from a place of no return. I was broken apart and scattered in different realities and time frames. I had a bunch of different identities and so many different control sources. I also had no conscious realization of all of the psychological abuse I had experienced and I was terrified to live in my body.
I used drugs heavily including heroin and cocaine. I quit using them a while before working with Mas but had no idea that I was still holding onto the patterns. Also the 18 Day helped me to release all of the residues of the drugs from my body. My brain and nervous system was able to recover from extreme damage that doctors would have told me cannot happen had I gone to them. I also shed so many family patterns, belief systems, abuse patterns and physical issues. I strengthened myself and look totally different from before.
I never had good relationships and couldn’t grow and evolve in this lifetime because I never knew who I was. Now I have amazing relationships that help me to evolve and become an even better version of myself. I learn and grow from every experience now. My body is such a comfortable home now. It is lighter than even the feeling I was chasing through drugs. And now I am learning to expand into realties to get information. I am understanding my abilities more and more. The possibilities are so amazing and when I think back to all of the experiences I had before working with Mas it literally feels like another lifetime. I would recommend the 18 Day to anyone. It is the most profound and powerful product. Its value cannot be measured and the price for what you get is unbelievable! Thank you Mas and Team ~ Steve R.*

I am really expanding quickly and effortlessly with this 18 Day Medimorphosis. My business is growing and shifting into more abundance and it’s like the details are working themselves out. People are flying across the country and driving hundreds of miles to come to see me for sessions. My health is coming back and food and sugar cravings are almost gone. I have been craving nature, water and healthy foods instead. I have released a lot of distortions and am seeing a brand new life appear right in front of me. ~ Jane O.*

“My face, especially my eyes, looked like my mothers. Every time I looked in the mirror, I relived the pain of my past. The 18 days and some private sessions helped me be free. My face and eyes are now a reflection of me. I can’t thank you enough” ~ Charlotte D.*

This is my first 18 Day but so many opportunities are already coming in for the (until now) most blocked area in my life. ~ Jules*

With the 18 Day, I have also created a brand new life. Not just healed my physical and mental issues ~ Bernie S.*


The 18 Day is really powerful and amazing…it’s all about disciplining yourself to do the work. When you see the work you have done- deep deletions of your old patterns, it’s the biggest achievement you will ever experience in your lifetime. Thankyou! ~Pamela D.*

The 18 Day singularity meditation has supported me in becoming free of the encrusted distortions of this human form and consciousness. ~ Mary C.*

What the 18 Day did for me is to show me the patterns that kept me from really stepping into myself. The release and the growth feels almost instantaneous when compared to how long therapy would have taken. The frequency work in these meditations is powerful. ~ Alex R*

After my 18 Days, people that no longer serve my highest good keep falling out of my life naturally. ~ D.H*

18 days and XI helped confirm the deletion of my victim rescuer patterns. New career opportunities have presented themselves. ~ Jordon D.*

I have been with Mas since 2016. I did the 21/18 Days a couple of times, I have never been so happy and many deep changes towards a better life occurred. ~Stephen S.*

The 18 Day has changed and is continuing to change my life in profound ways. I recommend this program for everyone!!! ~ Sandy R.*

This is the most powerful, life-changing meditation. I got in touch with my body and Being like never before. ~ Camilla K.*

What was unexpected was that I finally understood what it means to really help people and at the same time run a successful business… I believe the magic of Mas was the missing key in the work I did [before]. The combination was like a rocket booster to success that no one thinks about!” ~ John C.*

Thanks to Mas and the 18-Days…I lost weight which was impossible. My diet changed without struggle or willpower. I look and feel younger and healthier than ever before. I got the passion and stamina back in my marriage. ~ Charles M.*

The February 18 Day was amazing. It changed me to be more confident and attuned to the Solid Self within me, helped me manifest a perfect replacement automobile and to integrate more fully with my best identity. As a result, I’m noticing myself interacting differently with other people, from a more centered and aware place. I’m more confident, more comfortable and less needy! ~Audrey O.*

The 18 Day has been phenomenal. Although there were times I felt like a pent up bull raging against my enclosure, it was so needed! I’ve pushed through in HUGE ways. ~Lena T.*

Thank you for helping me during my first 18 Day. You tapped into me exactly and I am integrating and using the tools I learned every day. Your abilities are simply amazing and I struggle to find words that would even do justice to explain. ~ Deirdre G.*

I am 19 and the 18 Day program has changed the way I see the world. Even though I have not yet seen physical change, something in me knows that I am going the right path and will connect with my higher self ~ Alejandra B.*

What a ride I was on during these 18 days. Processing, rebooting…

This is where I landed…

My original blueprint has a foundation strong enough to build a mansion. There is no fear of lack, no need to sacrifice and no need to control in the blueprint. There is no need to judge to confirm my identity. My identity already exists in my blueprint. There is only abundance to support my foundation created from my blueprint for the grand version of my mansion. ~ RR*

I wanted to share how profound this 18 day was for me,
I have received more love, more heartfelt connections and my cup is running over, I feel deeper and have really expanded and I am profoundly thankful ~ G.L*

I have to say I was a little skeptical when I started the 18 Day, but a very good friend suggested it and I am SO glad I took this program.
Here are the most significant changes:
– I am more energetic
-I have started to see people’s auras (also animals and trees)- this didn’t happen since I was 11 years old.
– I feel I have a new body, I’ve lost weight, have better sleeping patterns, feel lighter
-I can see my old-self and how I was identified with not 100%positive thoughts/ programs.
Every day is bright.
THANKS to Mas. I truly recommend this program. ~ Paula M.*

I cannot express just how this particular program has changed my entire understanding of the word CONSCIOUSNESS! Absolutely an incredible journey so far. ~ Sarah P.*

I am currently doing the 18 Day accelerated. I’ve been with you for many years … I’m writing today because of the dramatic shift I have experienced in the last 48 hours. You spoke last evening of a deep love that was coming in for you and asked if we were experiencing a difference. Yes!!!
It started the day before and the way I experienced it was a deep, deep level of self-forgiveness which is Love. I had been detoxing an incredible amount of regret…regret and remorse for who I was when I was so unconscious…that all softened and deepened into total acceptance/self-love. Such a beautiful shift that I am so grateful for.
I so appreciate all the deletions you have helped me with…deeply grateful. And confirming those deletions sometimes feels heavy …like moving out of a deep thick muck…and can be mucky at times.
This is a wonderful, welcome shift…….yay! Pure love!
Thank you for everything Mas! ~Bonnie G.*

Today’s meditation was about getting in touch with our grander self. I have been experiencing my grander self off and on for a little while now. However, this was the first time I realized how I had shut off believing in myself….”.that I was not good enough”. “That I can’t help or save myself”. It became a cloak within and around me that kept me from seeing my brilliance.
It brought me to tears. For the first time I really get I AM GOOD ENOUGH!
I feel it…I know it!
I could feel all the shit I took on from mom and dad leaving my body. All their stuff about not being good enough.
WOW! This work with Mas is amazing! I just keep expanding and growing in ways I can not even imagine. ~ Donna R.*

This last 18 Day program I felt was by far the most precise, fast, deep and transformational. I feel that it took me to my deepest patterns that were from my lineage. The ones that kept me and my family in bind. Recognizing and releasing those patterns, my sense of self strengthened more than ever. I feel my Spirit has moved into my body. I am just about always aware of my body, and swim in the present moment with a thick calmness. My relationship with my immediate family has improved and changed to a beautiful flow of acceptance. I observe how others act, listen to their perception without any judgment and with understanding and allowing of their own journey to unfold. We stay calm, and strong as the outside situation is getting more chaotic. ~Melinda M.*

I have been working with mas for over 6 years and can definitely attest to the 18 day being more advanced.
I have been meaning to write in and share how I really enjoy the new upgrades.
We all benefit when Mas shares with us a few sentences on how we can best integrate the energies – how the universe gives us signs for opportunities of completing and confirming deletions.
I am very thankful to hear this now and excited to know that people will experience amazing transformations with this new upgraded 18 Day, by being more aware of how to focus on their purest possible self and the best outcomes instead of what they are experiencing with detox.
I have learned that it’s most important to focus on the best possible outcome and our strongest self and allowing our higher self to take care of things. ~ Jason*

I have practiced with many spiritual teachers and have been in search of a way to stay connected with my spirit, heal and let go of the past. I just completed the 18 Day Medimorphosis with Mas, and I am truly amazed with my progress! I was blessed to be chosen to speak with him, and after one session he identified a health issue that the doctors have never identified (and I just had a complete physical a week prior, and blood tests are always perfect). From his advice, I was able to heal from a chronic issue in just a few days. He also helped my daughter and she is doing amazing as well. Within a week of the 18 days, I shed old habits, eliminated sugar from my diet, and own my health and wellbeing. I feel so much love and gratitude for his work, I am transforming in mind, body and spirit, all within a few weeks. I look forward to continuing the limitless journey and receiving his guidance. He has infinite talents, and provides guidance in a loving non-judgmental way that is transformative. Thank you Mas, I am forever grateful, and look forward to the journey and exploration! ~ Jessica*

I went from being what I ‘thought’ was centered to REALLY being centered! I’m calm, centered, more artistic, patient, happy to work around the farm ALL day without needing to contact others or feeling like I’m missing out. My family connection is sweeter, family issues seem to have dissolved. This has been an AMAZING 18 Day. Mas, you are such a BLESSING for our planet. Many thanks. May yours and everyone’s vibration keep rising! ~ Cristi B.*

Mas’s 18 Day Medimorphosis is insanely amazing! It helps me deeply infuse the existing work that I’ve done with Mas, as well as transcending me to even higher frequencies. Honestly, I feel a true freedom within because of this profound work…making me more courageously effective in my life. This monthly program is TRULY worth it.” ~ Cali*

I was so complete on Monday after the 18 Day. What Mas said about the financial integrity felt so ground-breaking. What’s fascinating is that the $$ frequency was automatically integrated during the 18 Day that $13,000 came in to me on the next day! And then two days later another $18,000 came to me. The change was seamless and effortless but I definitely felt an earth-shattering break through the deepest layers of my finance distortions. 18 Day is so powerful I have no words. Thank you Mas! ~ Peter*

Wow, this 18 Day is very powerful. In unexpected ways. The first six days I felt amazing, much more complete and solid, dreaming of my new self.

This second leg of the 18 Day, I am recognizing the challenges to let go of in order to achieve this new self. And it’s only the second day:) I felt the burden of suicide, I’m assuming a long family line, as the only option for a solution. Also, understanding the challenge of not being fully in this existence, observing my need to apologize for my existence here. Although this all sounds very dramatic, it is giving me clarity of my patterns from childhood. Seeing them as programs, like Mas says, once revealed, they get to disband.

It was easy for me to observe them without getting too caught up in them, since this process was explained. I look forward to stage 3 as well.

Whole different, more powerful process for the 18 days.

Thank you so much! ~ Diane*

After the first 6 days of the 18 Day Essential Meditations I noticed a big shift. No more fears and no attachments. I lost the need to control everything. The best experience ever! ~ Shane O.*

I wanted to express how beneficial and intriguing the morning calls are during the 18 Day.
I have always been fascinated by human nature and searching even as a child for how things work and why. The extra time Mas takes to really delve into these individual’s lives is extraordinary. As I have sensed his abilities sky rocket while listening to these calls, I have also felt my own ability to tune into the people and see and feel what he does…though in a completely different way.
~ Alana*

Very powerful in the most beautifully solid, precise and yet incredibly gentle way ~ Angelina*

When I started the 18 days I hoped to get help with my history of failures and interference whenever I try to move forward in life. I feel like this is already shifting and the world is starting to move around me as I change. Thank you! ~ Patrick*

Crystalline!!!!! Today’s 18 Day 1 and the calls afterwards were incredible! Ever since the 22nd of July shift, every moment is pure crystalline.Thank you MAS!
Beyond fascinating and exciting to ride this wave… ~ Katie*

Thank you for the August-18 day, Mas!
I am basking in bliss! For most of my life, probably all of my life I have not wanted to be here. Seemed too hard & cumbersome. But now, WOW! I actually caught myself a couple of days ago saying, “I love it here!” Eyes wide open, taking it all in.
The 18 day format is amazing & this August 18 day has literally transformed my life. I really can’t thank you enough. (Been doing this work about a year now.)
On a side note, I had total knee replacement surgery July 21 & am healing at an exponential rate!

*There are no specific generally expected results. There is no guarantee; you may not achieve any specific results. Mas Sajady helps you reprogram your core frequencies to help you transform your life. Mas is not a doctor; he does not have the power to heal, nor does he provide medical, psychological, or any other type of professional advice or treat any disease or medical condition. On rare occasion, select participants may have been granted a free meditation in exchange for use of their testimonial.

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*There are no specific generally expected results. There is no guarantee; you may not achieve any specific results. Masati helps you reprogram your core frequencies to help you transform your life. Masati is not a doctor; he does not have the power to heal, nor does he provide medical, psychological, or any other type of professional advice or treat any disease or medical condition. On rare occasion, select participants may have been granted a free meditation in exchange for use of their testimonial.

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