Elevate your Consciousness Quotient (CQ) and step into the best version of yourself to achieve spherical abundance. Unlock your superpowers for genius decision-making and crystal-clear foresight. Command attention and power with your presence. Rejuvenate, embracing the vitality of your youth. The miracles that have been achieved by others are boundless and can be yours – In essence, upgrade yourself to the optimal state of living, as nature intended.

Transformation is as easy as listening.

Your transformative journey unfolds wherever you find comfort and privacy, in any space that feels like home to you. Slip on a headset and allow the serene voice of your guide to lead you through our scientifically formulated HyperMeditations. This process is designed to unlock the profound potential nestled deep within you within days unlike traditional methods that can take decades for similar results.

Your 18 day XI Human: Upgrade includes:

Daily, Live Frequency HyperMeditations to reset your code to its highest potential

– Choose between 18 live Frequency HyperMeditations at 9:30am CT, or 36 live Frequency HyperMeditations at 9:30am CT and 9:30pm CT.

– Replay recordings will be made available if you miss a day or want to re-immerse yourself in the deeply transformative frequencies.

Networking with like-minded individuals ...

Immerse yourself in a vibrant community, more than just networking. In this space, find others who share your goals and visions, creating collaborative and inspiring relationships. Explore new horizons, supported by a community that understands and shares your journey.

What program is right for you?

Each Upgrade program is a step deeper into the extraordinary journey of self-discovery and transformation. Remember you’re not just changing; you’re undergoing a profound metamorphosis. Choose the journey that best fits your life situation.

Self-Healing Details
Self-Actualization Details


This program is a deep, HyperMeditative dive into the soul’s core. Here, individuals confront and release their past traumas and blockages. It’s a process of spiritual detoxification, where through introspection and frequency work, one cleanses their being, paving the way for true healing. 

This stage is about reconnecting with one’s higher self, restoring the natural flow of life’s energy, and re-establishing a state of inner harmony.


  • 18 Live Frequency HyperMeditations
    with Masati
    • Journey of 3 phases
    • 21 minutes once a day
    • Access through Zoom
    • Live at  9:30AM CT 
    • Lifetime access to recordings

Best For

  • Optimal for newcomers to HU. No matter your level of experience in success, meditation, or self-improvement, we highly recommend beginning with HU Self-Healing.

Phase 1

Turning Potential into Power
Embark on this journey by awakening the power that has been lying dormant in you since childhood. Feel this potential stir and come to life in every cell, like the first embers of a great fire. This is a reawakening of your innermost essence, a call to the profound depths of your being.

Phase 2

Alchemy of the Past 
Transform the shadows of your past into pillars of strength. In this phase, past traumas and experiences, including the patterns inherited through your lineage, become fertile ground for growth. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, use these experiences to catapult yourself into a realm of untapped potential, turning every challenge into a stepping stone for advancement.

Phase 3

Embracing the New Self
It’s a time of profound recalibration, where emotions, thoughts, psychological patterns, and physicality harmonize with your elevated self. This phase is akin to a symphony of rebirth, each part of your being attuning to the vibrant new frequencies of your existence. Embrace this profound metamorphosis, seamlessly weaving your renewed self into the intricate tapestry of life, and emerge as the embodiment of your highest potential.

Register for Self-Healing

June Program: June 5th – 26th, 2024
Self-Healing | Register - $144

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Self-Healing / Self-Actualization


This program focuses on surpassing physical and mental limitations to tap into universal wisdom and achieve higher states of being.


  • Everything from HU Self-Healing, plus …
  • 18 Additional (36 Total) Live Frequency HyperMeditations with Masati 

    • Journey of 3 phases 

    • 21 minutes twice a day

    • Access through Zoom 

    • Live at  9:30 AM & PM CT  

    • Lifetime access to recordings

Best For

  • Have completed at least two XI Human: Upgrade Self-Healing programs.
  • Possess an understanding of XI principles and are eager to delve deeper beyond the foundational concepts. 
  • Consistently apply success principles and are equipped to fortify themselves for significant breakthroughs.

Phase 1

Awakening Clarity
This step involves the initial breakthrough, where individuals begin to clear mental fog and gain a sharper, more focused awareness. It’s about awakening to the possibilities beyond their current limitations.

Phase 2

Universal Connection
Here, participants deepen their understanding and connection with the universe’s wisdom. This step emphasizes expanding one’s consciousness to align with universal truths and energies.

Phase 3

Enlightened Manifestation
The final step is about applying the insights and energy harnessed to manifest one’s highest potential. It combines the clarity and connection from the previous steps to foster a life of abundance, purpose, and spiritual enlightenment.

Register for Self-Actualization

June Program: June 5th – 26th, 2024
Self-Actualization | register - $333

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Self-Healing / Self-Actualization

Real Client




Human Reset will shift every aspect of you… BEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE.“*

~ Casey S.

Human Reset is AN ABSOLUTE MUST! Very powerful and transformative! All my relationships have changed for the better.”*

~ Fern

Human Reset truly changed my life. EVERY DAY IS GETTING BETTER and better!”*

~ Valerie C.

“Best thing I have ever done*

“Human Upgrade is AN ABSOLUTE MUST! Very powerful and transformative! All my relationships have changed for the better.”*

“Human Upgrade will shift every aspect of you.“*

“My life has changed TREMENDOUSLY*

“Human Upgrade truly changed my life. EVERY DAY IS GETTING BETTER and better!”*

“I am honored and humbled*

“The results I am witnessing are extraordinary*

“I’d 100% recommend this programme*

“I cried, I laughed, it was almost like coming home*

“I feel 20 years younger*

“Such a magical experience*

“I can’t wait to wake up and see how much more beautiful I have become*

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