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Mas Sajady

A futurist and thought leader… Mas Sajady is the go-to man for top level solutions. His relentless search for truth and out-of-the-box solutions that get results have earned him the respect to become a teacher’s teacher and a leader’s leader. An Icon of change for the world.

His clients include high-profile influencers, leaders in the field of business, spirituality and innovation, Royal Families, Fortune 500 executives, and those looking for a higher understanding of being human.

Millions enjoy Mas’ raw candor and unique brand of humor as he shares timeless wisdom that blends first-principle science and logical spirituality to answer life’s most challenging questions.

“Change your frequency,
change your life.”

~ Mas Sajady

Xponential Intelligence (XI):
Expanding the Possibilities of Human Potential

Mas Sajady is the founder of a new science called Xponential Intelligence. The power of XI has helped tens of thousands worldwide break through challenging situations in their personal and professional lives to achieve significant success and transformation in all areas.

Mas Sajady’s expertise in expanding the possibilities of human potential using Quantum Neuroscience and the power of frequencies comes from 2 near-death experiences, decades of research in augmenting natural intelligence, and trials with over 100,000 client sessions.

The reason his personal and business events, and executive sessions are highly sought after with waiting lists several months long is his extraordinary and, in many ways, unprecedented abilities. Mounting evidence is suggesting that the frequencies Mas generates somehow resets DNA to its natural evolved state, where rapid transformation can take place. Transformations that defy the explanation of the current sciences.

Mas donates resources to clean water projects, schools, hospitals, special needs groups and local communities.

Science & Research

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Known for his studies on the effects of consciousness on the molecular structure of water, Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated through magnetic resonance analysis how water exposed to loving, benevolent, and compassionate human intention results in aesthetically pleasing physical molecular formations in the water, while water exposed to fearful and discordant human intentions results in disconnected, disfigured, and “unpleasant” physical molecular formations.

Emoto Institute Study with Mas Sajady

In 2022, Emoto Institute conducted a water crystal study with Mas Sajady. Mas worked remotely for 15 minutes on the control water samples located in Japan from his home town Minneapolis, USA. The before/after results are shown below. 

The Institute found that a water sample which Mas worked on remotely for 15 minutes produced crystals that are more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing compared to an untreated sample. Given that the average adult human body is approximately 70% water, this points to the extraordinary potential for frequency work of this magnitude to restore and restructure the mind and body.

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Yellow: Water crystals from control (untreated) water sample
Blue: Water samples exposed remotely to XI frequencies for 15 minutes.
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“I’m literally living a new human version of myself.”
~ Bill*

What XI Clients are saying:

“Best thing I have ever done*

“My life has changed TREMENDOUSLY*

“I am honored and humbled*

“An absolute must!*

“The results I am witnessing are extraordinary*

“I’d 100% recommend this programme*

“I cried, I laughed, it was almost like coming home*

“I feel 20 years younger*

“Such a magical experience*

“I can’t wait to wake up and see how much more beautiful I have become*

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Exclusive Offers

Frequency Programs – Transform Simply by Listening

“You ascend higher not by changing your psychology or mindset, but by changing the level of frequencies within you.” ~ Mas Sajady
Mas works through frequency meditations in which he helps people access higher consciousness simply by listening. Similar to a tuning fork, you begin to resonate with the higher frequencies which may then initiate life transformation. You do not need to understand what is being said, or be “good at meditating”, and can even fall asleep.

AM / PM Frequency Meditations

Frequency Meditation: Instant MP3 Download


A morning meditation that uses the power of frequencies to help align and invigorate you for the day to come. It works at the frequency level to help you accomplish these three things for the day:

  • Create a confident and dynamic self-image for you and others to notice

  • Open awareness of hidden opportunities while removing distorted filters or blocks

  • Help you expand towards a grander version of yourself and eliminate negative patterns that aren’t serving you any more

The frequency meditation can be played in the background or even on a loop to help you begin each day as your optimal self.


An evening frequency meditation to help you cleanse and restore from the day, resetting you to a higher vibration and preparing you for a restful and restorative night’s sleep. It works at the frequency level to help you accomplish these goals in your sleep:

  • Physical – allows you to revitalize your physical body, release toxins, refresh your physical form and connection with mind, body, and spirit.

  • Psychological/Emotional – helps you reset and rewrite your ‘daily history’, allowing you to access more of your inner power or limitless self for tomorrow

  • Spiritual – helps you reconnect to a higher and pure version of self, clearing distortions between your physical identity and your spiritual identity

The frequency meditation can be played on a loop throughout the night to help you reset and rejuvenate in your sleep.

The 18 Day HyperMeditation

Frequency Meditations: Live Online Program

May 8-29, 2023

The 18 Day HyperMeditation is a cutting-edge program using a frequency-infused meditative process to help activate real-time life transformation, simply by listening.

After a decade of research and developmemt and 100,000+ client cases, Mas has mastered the science of human potentiality, helping to radically change lives beyond belief. The technology works.

Areas of Transformation: Health, Finances, Relationships, Conscious Awareness, Overall State of Being


  • Participants have recovered from issues that doctors had given up on.*  

  • Losing weight and getting in shape can be one of the many after effects.*  

  • Many start to age younger and regain their vibrancy and body from their youth.* 

  • Top athletes have broken through the boundaries of physical limitations more easily with less injury and faster recovery time.* 


  • Participants have removed underlying patterns that had blocked their success to find a fulfilling career or start a business.*   

  • High profile personalities that achieved success but sacrificed everything including their happiness have recreated themselves for complete spherical abundance.*


  • Participants have healed themselves from wounds of past relationships and reset their relationship code to attract loving relationships never imagined.*  

  • Those in pursuit of higher consciousness have experienced the expansiveness of pure spirituality, discovering what it means to be human.*

Details & Registration

More Xponential Intelligence 

“Just listening not only shakes your mind into clear thinking, but it will shake your identity…your actual being will change and transform. Welcome to the XI World.” ~ Mas Sajady

Explore universal wisdom and higher consciousness to foster total abundance in all areas of your life including health, wealth, love, and self-mastery. 
Beyond perception, Mas has mastered abilities to work with 1) Frequencies 2) Consciousness and 3) Time & Space, which he sees as the basic building blocks of reality. 
Mas on Sunday and the XI Podcast consist of frequency-infused talks and meditations specifically designed to help initiate profound life transformation simply by listening. XI helps you to expand your awareness and learn how to think rather than what to think. It is the handbook to a life of higher consciousness that presents the real why on life and how to have it all – love without compromise, success without sacrifice…how to be limitless.


Watch Now


Watch Now


“You have to release who you are not to become who you are.”
~ Mas Sajady

The process of frequency work can be very intense and may bring up deeply embedded patterns, feelings, behaviors and emotions as they clear. Many experience detox in which experiences get worse before they get better. Stay centered in your body and observe as these old patterns leave you. You are always in control of your life and the power of lasting change is your responsibility. As unwanted patterns surface, this is the chance to confirm the changes that are being made at the frequency level by observing and choosing differently. As you do this, you allow the opportunity for deep and lasting change rather than a surface level work around.

XI Frequency Meditations may be played as often as desired and can also be put on a loop at low volume in the background, however more isn’t always necessarily better. It is recommended to allow the integration of the frequencies and use the replay once a feeling of stability has been achieved. This product is not meant to replace medical advice or treatment; please seek professionals when needed.


We welcome you to reach out to our customer service team with any questions, comments or suggestions.

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