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Be ready by securing the date to change your destiny for the life you want and deserve. 


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  • Best thing I have ever done*
  • I’d 100% recommend this programme*
  • I’m literally living a new human version of myself*
  • I am honored and humbled*
  • I cried, I laughed, it was almost like coming home*
  • Such a magical experience*
  • Took my alcohol addiction away*
  • I can’t wait to wake up and see how much more beautiful I have become*
  • An absolute must!*
  • The results I am witnessing are extraordinary*
  • My life has changed TREMENDOUSLY*
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Lots has changed this month. New opportunities have arisen, I’ve been having fun and trusting myself in ways I haven’t before. I feel safe in my home, body and work and I don’t think I have ever felt this safe in myself. I know THR has been the catalyst. ~ Liliya T.*

THR truly changed my life. Every day is getting better and better! The diet is amazing! ~ Valerie C.*

It’s fascinating how doing THR has been a catalyst for my partner to have a total shift without him even listening to the meditation. He has changed to match my changing frequency..and mirrors my shift…it is amazing…he just got it…amazing stuff. I’m so grateful. ~ Maria G.*

For the first time in years, I finally like what I’m seeing in the mirror. I’m 54 so this means a lot to me. ~ Gemma F.*

I lost 30 pounds from the first Human Reset and have kept it off. I always felt that when I had that extra weight, it wasn’t the real me. ~ Jenny E.*

I healed my thyroid during the last THR. During one of the Medihealings, I felt my thyroid working optimally and at the same time an amazing level of self love. It was transformational. ~ Eva P.*

Total Human Reset will shift every aspect of you….best thing I have ever done. ~ Bridget K.*

A few years ago, the doctor said I had to take aspirin for the rest of my life for a mini stroke I had. I had numerous eye injections because of the incident. I have not taken aspirin since THR about 4 years ago and my optometrist said they have never seen anybody’s eyesight healed as well as mine, and to keep doing what I’m doing. In addition I went down 2 sizes and haven’t gained back the original weight. I eat so much cleaner and healthier. I’m thankful for THR. ~ Greta C.*

THR took my alcohol addiction away – I’m so grateful. ~ Nancy M.*

I did the first THR and had the worst relationship patterns going in. And literally the day after THR ended, I started the most spectacular relationship with my true soul-mate! ~ Sylvia*

This Total Human Reset was the most powerful one yet. I experienced a lot of abuse, addiction, control, being controlling, fear, pretty much the full spectrum of lack patterns. I was able to disconnect from all of that on such a deep level, that when I look back on it, it seems like a different lifetime- and that’s due to the cellular change that I’ve experienced. I’m literally living a new human version of myself. ~ Steve R.*

Before the Human Reset, I was coming from a place where I was sacrificing myself and destroying myself, and I was getting a lot of injuries. Mas helped me realise that and completely shed my identity, and helped me recreate my life through my true self. I feel like there are so many opportunities that I’m expanding into, that I can claim in a different way than before. ~ Kiona B.*

I went from broke, broken, feeling sluggish, depressed, self-doubt, all of that- to now feeling vibrant, energetic. I’ve broken my cravings that I’ve had for years. I’ve broken through so many self-sabotage patterns. I’ve manifested my dream job. I’ve gotten promoted within my dream job. I’ve got new clients in my business. I’m feeling financially healthier than I’ve ever been. I’ve let go of abusive relationships and toxic relationships in my life without any guilt. It’s been actually a really beautiful letting go process. And I’ve healed my scoliosis!

~ Simone N.*

The past Human Reset was a deep cleansing of any old patterns that I had regarding my relationships, health and finances. I saw very clearly that they are very intertwined and I could experience way more peace and calm where I previously experienced stress and anxiety. I’ve been able to support people around me without being drained (which was my previous pattern, I would just ‘lose myself’ in others frequently) and I’ve built a beautiful relationship with my body. I now have days where I can’t wait to wake up and check myself out in the mirror to see how much more beautiful I have become (I know this sounds weird, but if you see before and after pictures you’d understand). ~ Simone N.*

Total Human Reset is a game changer. For the first time ever, I’m no longer here to fix myself, to find what is wrong. Rather I’m here to live out of my full potential and to access possibilities that I didn’t even think were possible. I feel whole, complete. I no longer seek outside myself. There’s nothing as unique as XI.

~ Amelia B.*

I’d 100% recommend this programme. Whatever you’re looking for, because it focuses on those key components of life, this programme has it for you. ~ Kylie P.*

During the Total Human Reset, I met my identity, I think for the first time ever and that was a surreal experience. I cried, I laughed, it was almost like coming home. I’m two and a half centimetres taller, my eye color has changed. In total, I lost six kilogrammes, which was pretty amazing considering that I had tried a lot of times to lose weight, and I’ve managed to keep all of it off. I would highly recommend the Total human reset to absolutely anybody.

~ Monica B.*

I have been in all the THR programs, but did it for the frequencies and the humans involved -not the weight and exercise benefits. I never took the diet and exercise program seriously before. I’m lucky. I’ve always been in great shape. That said, one serious concussion and a pandemic later, it isn’t so easy to just pop into yoga or whatever…It has been a long haul and the concussion has taken its toll. And I am looking at THR much differently. Autophagy is terrific and combined with keto…it is a game changer. The wealth part of THR is so incredible and for those who are first timers, it is such a BONUS! You can’t imagine. I am just so happy to be among such good loving wonderful humans. Twice a day, I get to be in the company of the best that humanity has to offer. I am honored and humbled ~ Kathleen K.*

The benefit of the Total Human Reset to me has been fantastic. I have been experiencing a much better body shape. I’ve lost heaps of weight. My digestion is much better, my sleep is much better. I have had just a more peaceful and calmer approach. Everything I do outside of the meditations now is much more efficient and effective. ~ Sherri S.*

I started out being overweight, eating terrible, hating exercise, hating really everything-including myself. Now I really love myself. I deserve the most abundant XI life. I did lose inches, my joints don’t hurt as they did before, my skin is healing. I don’t feel stuck. I also have a new relationship with XI. I used to “hang” on Mas’s every word for help. Respectively, now I don’t need him. I see him as a tool, someone I can go to for advice. I don’t have any of this figured out. My life is not perfect…that is ok, because I feel really lucky and special as I am now. ~ Aoife S.*

The recent Total Human Reset programme was amazing and I experienced a lot of changes.

My awareness of time and space and realities shifted to a new level. I feel more independent and I don’t need help from Mas every time I feel disoriented. I had about 8 new job opportunities and everything I need just gravitates towards me. My skin renewed itself and I noticed my nails about 5 times stronger. Not that I had any issues with my skin or nails, or that I was trying to achieve a result by doing anything special, but I just randomly noticed these results. I feel healthier and stronger. ~ R.B.*

After this total human reset, I feel l 20 years younger. I have been with many masters and teachers and gurus and, this Total Human Reset has topped everything. I feel such a gentleness for myself, for others and for the life itself. I have a quiet expanded silence inside. ~ Harry B.*

This last total human reset topped all of the programmes for me. It’s been such a wonderful journey, where I could let go of old patterns that blocked me from living my full potential. ~ Martha T.*

My skin is looking amazing and I lost a couple of centimeters around my body. ~ Dee R.*

I feel totally loved by me. I’ve never loved myself before like this. Thank you.

I feel confident, vibrant, healthy and strong. I have noticed that my two daughters, aged 36 and 19, have changed their attitude towards themselves and others in their workplaces. One works for aged care and the other works with childcare and they have become more understanding of me as their mum. And they do show me more love.

I have lost 5 kilos of weight as my waistline was 33 inches before I did the Total Human Reset and now it is 30 inches. l did the Keto diet and I borrowed Keto books from the library and a human anatomy book so I could understand my body.

I am happy to have found Total Human Reset and Mas. Thank you for showing me how important I am and explaining the Keto diet and fitness exercises. ~ Dee R.*

The [Total Human] Reset this month is super-charged, so powerful. I was barely functional after meditating for an hour and a half last night. Then I had all these brilliant dreams! I felt something around me in the middle of the night and instinctively invoked Mas’ frequency and I saw the cosmos with beautiful patterns of energy flow and symbols. It was so cool! I soon realized that what I brought in wasn’t ‘Mas’ per se, but that level of frequency…….obviously very very elevated. ~ Lauren S.*

Last night’s accelerated class was amazing. What an amazing and wonderful feeling. I didn’t know how good it felt to navigate through my body. I just wanted to stay there. Now I have a whole new tool to use, as well as the understanding behind it. My body is amazing how it operates and supports me. ~ Sandra A.*

Total Human Reset was phenomenal. Over the past three days, I just listened to it again and WOW! I understood what I experienced over February at a deeper level and had an amazing and intense three days listening to the replays so close together. ~ Laura K.*

Last week during my fast I had so much energy and clarity. I kind of felt like I transcended my body at some point. I had no sense of discomfort physically at all, therefore I extended my fast to 95hrs and stayed active!! It was such a magical experience ~ Reena S.*

Today I woke up after three days of fasting. I never thought that I could do it with ease, in such a supported way. In fact, I was not hungry or desperate to eat. I want to continue to clean my body and clear my soul. ~Carrie H.*

Today was an amazing Day. For me the experience went from ‘out there’ to ‘in here’. I literally felt the shift. After this morning’s session, as I went through my day, not one but two life events just opened up for me. One I know is for me. The other is an opportunity I will be looking into further. ~ Rachel C.*

On the Day 7 AM HR session I experienced a heavy, heavy feeling that pulled me down like a strong magnet – a death experience perhaps? Then it changed. It began to bubble and glitter and the heavy, heavy feeling was transmuted into happiness and lightness! Afterwards I was all bubbly, silly and joyful for a couple of wonderful hours. Definitely in awe of this incredible process. ~ Hayley G.*

I just remembered that I used to procrastinate and dream about living life to its fullest. Now I Just do it, no negotiation. The last Human Reset- reset my body. Easy weight loss balanced with no effort. It’s maintained. Yes, confirmation that Human Reset and Spirit really works! ~ Diana S.*

I started working with Mas Summer last year and this will be my second Human Reset. With the first one I had huge changes and many old patterns dying off. It’s been quite eye opening. ~ Mandy S.*

I am a stay at home mom going through divorce. Before Human Reset, I was a little bit frazzled, but at the same time, I was able to center myself. After human reset, I gained a greater clarity in the frequencies I was holding on to that was distorting me and that was lengthening that divorce process. I can honestly say that I am so much happier now. I’m almost done with the divorce and the process has been going more smoothly just because I was able to take ownership of my distortions and confirm my deletions. I was so happy to see myself going with the flow not holding on to certain outcomes, regardless of what happens, I am amazed at how at ease I feel. I wholeheartedly recommend human reset as well as 18 days. Good luck, everybody. I hope this testimonial will assist you in your journey. ~ Anita A.*

I am so grateful for the Human Reset program and that I took the time to invest in it. It’s just hard to imagine the shift in my energy, my self-worth. I thought I was doing well before… but now I am exponentially better than I ever was. Great things are happening, and they are happening synchronistically. I got a contract right away, I got a place to live right away, I feel like I’m settled where I’m supposed to be. I can walk in the woods and know that I am everything I need to be. And the rest just flows. So thank you, it has just been amazing. And losing 25 lbs was a bonus too. ~ Lorraine F.*

During the last HR class, my scoliosis went away, just minor muscle imbalance left which I’m working on. My eye color changed and I have started to notice my facial structure changes now ~ Grace R.*

When I had my first IGH with Mas my entire lineage showed up, and it’s been a journey to separate myself from that. The first Human Reset I lost 46 lbs. In the next one, my pain body kicked in and I was not able to do anything but the Medihealings®. This time, I’ve finally awakened to the fact that my older sister, when she died, merged with me when I was just four. The reason why I couldn’t remember anything is because it became her life. I was finally able to recover that moment, and this month I began recovering myself. I was able to exercise and feel that I’m back in control of me. I am so grateful, thank you so much. ~ Petra N.*

Before the Human Reset I was feeling really fearful about fasting, and exercising while fasting. I was also fearful about doing longer meditations and fitting all of this into my schedule. But as it turns out, it was really easy and pretty seamless. And I realised how strong I am and how capable I am of taking control of my own body and my own lifestyle. I’m really looking forward to the next Human Reset and I’d recommend it to anyone as a way to feel empowered and in control of your own life. And I’m just so thankful. ~ Sarka T.*

Before Human Reset in October 2020 I was a typical couch potato with lots of cravings, eating junk food, carbs, sugar, you name it. I felt heavy, energetically drained, and I didn’t feel like moving. I’d never fasted in my life, and had yo-yo dieted since I was a young teenager.

When I started the Human Reset program I was amazed at how easy it was to fast. I never thought I’d be able to even do 12 hours of fasting, but during the program I always fasted for longer.

It was amazing – I lost 8 kg, I feel so energetic. The Medihealings, Mas and everyone were just amazing!

If anyone is thinking of doing the Human Reset but they think fasting will be too difficult, don’t worry – you’re gonna do it, and you’re gonna breeze through it. It’s really, really easy. I felt so motivated that even my favourite chocolate bar wasn’t tempting anymore. That was so great!

So go for it! I’m still doing 18 hour fasts, and I’m still losing weight.

Thank you so much, Mas and everyone.

~Marietta P.*

I’m a medical doctor with a holistic approach. My passion is reverse ageing, anti-ageing, aesthetics and beauty. Before Human Reset, I was sick, tired, drained, overweight, overwhelmed, I had a lot of pain, and I was broke. After working with Mas, XI and Human Reset I’ve recovered my vital force, my youthful look, my health and vibrancy. I even lost about 15 kilos in a short period of time. I’ve recovered my hair and its colour. The reverse ageing process has been very intense. I was detoxing a lot at all levels – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual.

I highly recommend the Total Human Reset. I have high resonance with Mas and the HR team’s work, tapping into the simplicity, purity and transparency of this process. I want to keep upgrading to higher levels of consciousness and fully integrate my spirit with this human reality for the benefit of myself and others. So thank you very much and a big hug from Colombia.

~ Andrelo L.*

I did my first Medihealings in August and September and I had already amazing results. I have to say with the Human Reset program I did in October, I really felt a stability, a peace of mind, and an amazing state of being. I recommend this program to everyone who is seeking for peace, inner peace, and joy. It really helped me to understand a lot of things around and inside. So thank you very much. ~ Bethany L.*

I would highly recommend Mas and Human Reset. I would say the biggest change is my attitude, my sense of peace and wellbeing, and that I own my health for the rest of my life. I’ve been with Mas for three months now and it has been a remarkable shift and change mentally, spiritually, physically, emotionally. I am well grounded in who I am and what I want out of life and have the ability to love myself and love others more than ever. Thank you Mas and thank you to your team as well and to Alex and Kristen for the wonderful program.

~Kia K.*

Before Human Reset I didn’t feel good, I just kept getting tired and there was something missing and no matter what I did, it would seem to be like that. During Human Reset I enjoyed the diet, I managed to last for 26 hours. I felt clean and clean. I could feel the expansion, I felt my spirit body merge with my physical body and I am so grateful to you all. I am now 78 years young and I would recommend this 100%. ~ Sara P.*

This Human Reset is my third one and it is beyond words -just beyond words! You see that I’m building muscle, I lost fat under the skin, I lost visceral fat. It was simply amazing. I just want to tell you from my heart, that Human Reset -Altering Carbon is the only program on planet earth that can help you re-engineer your body. I’m living proof. ~Jenny N.*

Before the human reset program, I had been working with Mas for over a year, so I had some distortion patterns cleared. But during this program, I cleared real deep ones. I got to know who I am and what I am -strong and stable. My communications changed. They’re straightforward without any expectation of an outcome. I see things more clearly around me. I see more opportunities. I am a new version of me- I know it, I feel it. My thoughts, my consciousness-they are different on a different level. The old version of me is no more. My body changed, my body shape changed- it looks healthier. It is the form that I am pleased with.

Do I recommend this program? Of course! To anybody- all walks of life. I think any person can benefit from a program that shows them who they are because that’s the best place to create your life from. Thank you Mas and the Human Reset team for making this available. See you later.

~ Mandy M.*

I just did the Human Reset and had sensational changes. Physically, I felt much more energy…. losing fat, building lean muscle. Mentally, I felt much more clarity, more sustained energy in the brain and a much more positive attitude. And spiritually, I had a lot of realizations.

I would like to recommend the Human Reset to everyone who’s willing, no matter what your level, because you’ll change for sure in all aspects. You will have lots of exercises, diets, the Mastermind (which is a group of people who help to keep you committed), and then especially the frequency work, which is the basis of everything and keeps you going on in this amazing journey. ~ Jose S.*

Before doing the Human Reset program, I had digestive and intestinal problems. Now all of that has been improved. I am more here in this body- now than ever. Everything seems like I’m seeing it for the first time. In this program, there are exercises that are included that strengthen your core and now I am able to get up off of the floor without having to grab on to anything. This program is really amazing. It’s powerful and it is life changing and I would highly recommend it for anyone. Thank you Mas. Thank you Kristin and Alex and the Mas team.

~ Donna R.*

After the Human Reset, I’m much more confident in myself. I’m stepping into my power and finding out who I really am. The frequencies in this program were incredible. I actually can now feel my higher self around me which I couldn’t before. Even though I have not seen the physical changes yet, I am sure now that whatever is true for me will show up. I’m no longer seeking and searching for what it is. I’m just more confident that it will show up because I have a trust in my higher self. Thank you so much. It was an amazing experience and I would definitely recommend it to everyone. ~ Amelia B.*

The Human Reset program has been amazing. This is the second one I’ve taken. I’ve been working with Mas since January and every month I’m getting more and more connected to myself. It’s about me getting connected to myself and having the power to do that. Being a part of the Mastermind and having Mas help facilitate that has been amazing and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see changes. I’m more present, I’m speaking my voice and I’m really stepping into who I am and who I want to be. ~ Karena B.*

Before Human Reset- I was in fear, after Human Reset, I was no longer in fear. I would definitely recommend it- but I would also recommend that the person that undertakes this program is prepared to put in as much effort as they expect the results coming back. Meaning that you get what you put into this process.

~Felicity M.*

I did Human Reset – Altering Carbon and it really changed my life. Before Human Reset, I was just getting out of an abusive relationship, I felt sluggish, I had a hard time keeping my commitments and discipline and following through on certain things. After Human Reset, I feel super solid. I feel super centred. I feel like I am becoming more and more like me. I have no problem at all staying on the course and staying disciplined and my body feels so much better. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I had no idea that it could shift so quickly…. but it did- in just 18 days! ~ Simone N.*

I participated in the last Total Human Reset and I wanted to report my progress.

I find that all in all, I have come into myself more than ever before in my life!

I feel more unity within myself!

A positive “defiance” has set in.

Also, a courageous kind of confidence is installed in my being.

I am also experiencing a oneness of my Spirit and physical state, the I Am presence!

The experiential realization that I AM HEALING MYSELF is coming through in a huge way!!!

I had a brain tumor in 1998 and ever since then, every 6-18 months have had mini-strokes that lasted a very short time. During THR, the mini-strokes increased in timing and duration and I began to get fearful. On one of the meditations, all of the fear resolved. It didn’t matter if I had a massive stroke and was totally debilitated! (On a side note, I am a pretty serious, some would say intense but a calm individual. I like to be even-keeled. That state of neutrality that is characteristic of the Source within.)

During that particular meditation, I saw people walking around with masks on and envisioned their mouths erased!!! I cracked up laughing out loud during the meditation!

I have been to a neurologist who put me on a medication called Kepra. He told me that it may have the side effects of depression. Which after being on it for 2 days proved to be true. I now take it and set the intention that it will magnify my gifts, talents and abilities and to this point, it has done just that! Much to my amazement, the opposite of depression has occurred!

The amplification of my gifts, talents and abilities has definitely shown up in my shamanic practice and is more than evident!!!

On another note, there are very few experiential times when I really felt like I found my home. One was when I stepped out of the airport in Peru and looked at a mountain. Another was when I entered a center in Vermont where I was met with applaud by long-lost like-minded individuals.

I have to say that that ever alluding frequency and EXPERIENTIAL feeling of family and home actually came through just this morning in doing a replay of one of the THR meditations.

I can truly state that ya’ll are my family even more so than my blood family.

Alignment is profound and everything!

From deep within my heart, I can sincerely state that I love Mas and his angels!!!!


I have found my home and I wasn’t even looking!

Blessings to you all!!!

~ Paul B.*

I got so many benefits from this program. I feel more youthful, more joyful. My mental sharpness has increased. I walk with more confidence, I lead with more confidence. The best benefit that I got from this program is definitely my relationship with my youngest daughter. She used to push me away and now she hugs me, she kisses me good night, goodbye and she says she loves me. So thank you Mas and thank you for the amazing group that we had. ~ Samantha P.*

I had lots of “Gurus” and Coaches and I have never been encouraged to stabilize on my own and be solid on my own. That is what you get with Human Reset. Before Human Reset, I was always looking for outside things to make me complete. Gratefully I had just finished an 18 Day Accelerated program the month before Human Reset, and I was beginning to reference myself and really touch who I truly am. And during Human Reset – from the weight loss, to the healthy eating…. I started defining who I am. I started reaching a very solid, original, primal state. From there I got really inspired, I started creating and wanting to do things at the highest level – and not out of the sense that that would complete me, but that is what I am, which is really cool. I recommend Human Reset to anybody – do it! ~ Aaron B.*

How do I express what I really feel? I am 77 years old and it feels like I am in my 40s or early 50s… I feel so youthful and so vibrant and it is incredible! I have been with many many masters, teachers and “Gurus”, but Human Reset topped everything! It is the second time I did it and the world should do THIS and everything would be completely different. ~ Harry B.*

I am retired and I am 66 years old – BUT I feel like 39! Human Reset was such a beautiful and amazing journey with Mas, I did it the second time. So many of my belief systems etc have just been deleted. I feel youthful, vibrant, abundant – I can’t even express how thankful I am! ~ Martha T.*

Before Human Reset I was experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety. I did not sleep well and was looking outside of myself for fulfilment. I was emotional eating, my skin was not very elastic… After Human Reset I have infinite more energy, I feel this intrinsic joy inside of myself regardless of anything outside of myself. I sleep better, I feel more peace, I feel strong, I feel vital, I feel energized and I just look so forward to all the magical things showing up in my life on this new path with my highest infinite potential and embodiment in all areas of my life. I would highly, highly recommend this program Human Reset to anyone – it is powerful, it is transformational, it is incredible – THANK YOU! ~ Glennon R.*

100% Yays for Total Human Reset!

When I quietly go into my thoughts, I realize with gratitude that these thoughts have massively changed.

Pre Total Human Reset, I would think of family members and their and my patterns and strategize constantly how to overcome. Now, post Total Human Reset, I scan my interior horizon to casually look for them but nothing is there — none of these previous thoughts — no desire, no need. It’s like all of the unpleasant memories and urgent needs to eradicate these have literally vaporized.

These days when I look around at my ‘reality’ I see for example the trees in front of me or the cars driving down the road and these seem unusual. The trees seem stable and solid but the cars seem fake and floaty, like in a movie or something.

Speaking of cars, when you spoke of our old ‘vehicles’ one night, i made a mental note to push my old vehicle off the cliff but instead it easily, effortlessly ground itself into dust, leaving only my shiny black winged turbo-charged ride.

And maybe halfway through Total Human Reset, I felt myself go through some kind of unexpected effervescent door when I woke — I felt wobbly and disoriented but felt grateful, happy, surprised by it.

I still notice issues with sugar but had a small victory last night which I will use as impetus to carry forward.

There is no false advertising with you, Mas, when you say that Total Human Reset is LIFE changing.

Thank you sincerely. ~ Doris*

I really enjoyed the HR altering Carbon 18 day! I noticed that my ability to see the underlying workings of people, things and situations from a neutral clear standpoint got really strong. ~ Leanna R.*

I have noticed that I have truly shifted, healed, and I continually choose to clear things that no longer serve my purest love here.I am so honored to finally know who I am so I know who I want to be! I FEEL FREE IN THIS SPACE. AND IT’S REALJOY! In the meantime, I will continue to take care of my mind, body and spirit through the tools that I have collected on my way. I KNOW I am not there yet though I AM EXCITED TO SEE where this journey will take me.The results that I am already witnessing are extraordinary, magical and so subtle sometimes. ~ Diana B.*


I have been doing the Human Reset…wow is all I can say…

I’ve had cancer for the past 6 years. When I last saw Mas a couple of years ago in London it was growing out of control. Thankfully it stopped. My body was weak from years of treatment but since doing the human reset it feels strong- so much stronger. I feel full of hope.

I can’t thank you enough. For once I look forward to the next scan. ~ M.S.*

I really loved this Human Reset! I am experiencing many big shifts. I can very clearly see my spirit body and physical body as frequencies, seeing /sensing the underlying frequencies / operating systems that really operate in and through people, media ect. It’s very interesting….. I have been doing well to just observe, notice what I notice and stay present in my body and focus on my own emerging inner brilliance.

So many knowledge and technique bombs dropped by Mas! I love it! I have been practicing them on my own a lot. I now see unpleasant life experiences as an opportunity to observe the intensity of it so I can use them as valuable tools. Once I get the hang of it I’m sure I’ll blow my own mind. The cool thing is I can practice anywhere and it’s all inside me already. I don’t need anything or anyone to do them. Aha! moments..

I am seeing my own brilliance more every day. ~ Leanna R.*

I lost about 9 lbs in the past two weeks since starting the 20 hour fast. I really like the 23 hour fast and even going longer. I will make it a part of my weekly routine as I find the benefits of having my body cleaned of all the junk very valuable.

I have more energy today than ever. I feel more aware of when my patterns with food are running things. I’m also more aware of detox and past things coming up. I am finding when I become aware of them, it’s easier to delete them now more than ever. ~ Kyle*

I dropped a body total of 5.5 inches during this Altered Carbon with 3 days a week of strength training. ~ Joan B.*

This program is so amazing. It’s absolutely life changing. I did the October one and I just keep doing it every 18 days. It’s literally the BEST money I’ve EVER spent! ~ Sam S.*

I’ve been feeling like.. WOW with so much energy. I’m doing so great and never felt so alive in my life. Plus my Turkish neck has become non Turkish .I can’t wait for the next Human Reset. ~ Anna V.*

Can’t stop dancing- fasting 23 hours today and feel like a 6 year old! ~ Stella S.*

I was curious as I stepped on the scale and found that I have deleted 13 pounds since we started ~ Lorraine F.*

Excellent job putting HR together! Mas, Alex and Kristin, it’s well organized and thought out, based on sound theories and supported by research, science and your experience. This is elevated by Mas’ incredible talent.

~ Kia K.*

On day 6 feeling so clear and happy. Thank you so much for this program. The Medihealings are especially powerful- Mas is obviously upgraded in his abilities, and I am learning so much from Alex and Kristin about how my body works! Very exciting times we are all living in and through. I am so grateful for this opportunity to accelerate my awakening. ~ Stella S.*

This morning’s medihealing was really powerful for me. I did the last two Human Resets but my sciatic nerve started screaming with a vengeance when I tried to do the exercises,so I wound up just doing the medihealings. But after this morning’s call I was prompted to do the HIIT session. Alex Ali Sajady you nailed this one for me. Got through all 3 sets and did not get so much as a whimper from my sciatic nerve! ~ Petra N.*

After the Human Reset from 2019 I had a shift in the first week of January 2020 (Same week Mas had his upgrade). Mas was guiding the pm medihealing and told us to settle down on our pedestal and base. I saw myself stepping on my pedestal and as soon as I settled down, the base of my pedestal started ascending without mercy. It was as if I was in an elevator but without any protection or anything to hold myself, it was so fast that I got dizzy. I put all my attention on my spine and stayed centered until my base decided to stop. The next few days I felt weird until I got used to whatever happened to me that night.

My pedestal and base had a lot of changes, the last transformation I saw was like they were covered with light like lightning (Just like the picture above), it didn’t allow me to see my pedestal until a couple months later, it looks clear and transparent like an ice block, crystalline maybe. ~ Elle O.*

I have been battling an auto-immune disease which causes hair loss (similar to alopecia) for eight years. At my latest checkup with my dermatologist yesterday she said it seems to be no longer active. There are signs of vigorous hair growth and the redness and itching are gone. I will be weaned off the medication I have been taking for 6 years. Also, I have lost 23 pounds on the Human Reset program.

Thank you Mas and Alex for helping me to reset my body and my life! ~ Jemma M.*


Today I have felt like an old version of myself. I certainly am recognizing differences in how I used to be and how far I have come working with Mas as today felt like a massive step back in time and realities. The difference is shocking.

I am really thankful to be doing this work with Mas and the Team. ~ Tim G.*


Gaining my vision back in a blind eye. People respect me now. I’ve always had death patterns and could never hold onto anything and now I know for a fact that nothing is going away. People are nicer to me. I used to get walked all over. My life has changed TREMENDOUSLY. I can’t even begin to express myself on this subject!

~ Destiny M.*

Hi everyone, did 5 days of 23hr fasting. Got hungry yesterday about 20hrs in. Most of the time I had no inclination to eat. During my HR eating I enjoyed my dinner and desserts with no worry about Keto or low fat or any sort of diet meals.

I lost 10lbs weight and had huge energy, cleared out rooms and stuff from the house, furniture reorganised, etc. Car loads of things gone to the charity shop and more for the rubbish dump.

This has been so easy. Thanks Mas. ~Diana A.*

This is a super cool feeling. I was up at 5. Hockey game, got one kid at 7 and then three chores done before 9 am !! My mind is so sharp and alert and all I want to do is complete tasks.. ~ Bernis S.*


Though it wasn’t easy and there were moments of the mind playing tricks and release of deep cellular memories and patterns, I feel absolutely AMAZING today.

The body feels totally new. All cells at a deep deep level have been reset. I can feel everything operating at an extremely high level of efficiency.

And it’s a lot easier to maintain the timeless spirit and timebound physical body in absolute equilibrium.

For those that are gung-ho and have the burning desire to fully embody their highest and purest potential in physical form, I highly highly recommend a deep cleanse and reset such as this. ~ Alex*


I totally changed my body, health and spiritual awareness after the last Human Reset last April. Everything in my life is amazing……love that you and Faye give so much of your time to make this available to people all over the world. It is going to be a great October and I am looking forward to discovering and using my gifts and abilities.

~ Jenny D.*


I physically feel very impacted by the frequencies you generated for us this morning. My elimination system has been sluggish for years and I take a daily natural supplement to support me. After our morning session, I was super thirsty (I already drink a lot of water) and eliminated multiple times. ~ Alice R.*

Human Reset is an absolute must! Very powerful and transformative! All my relationships have changed for the better. ~ Fern*

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