Why do I attract toxic relationships instead of my soulmate?  

Why does the passion and sex fade?

Why did they cheat on me?

Get real life solutions to relationship issues that have been destroying your chance at love.

What if you could rapidly change your love life simply by rewiring your love frequency? The people we attract, our ways of interacting and the quality of love that we receive are simply reflections of our inner frequency programming.

Counseling, therapy, books and self-help merely scratch the surface of the true reasons why our relationships are the way they are. Ever wonder why you experience the same issues over and over, no matter how hard you try not to repeat them?

Whether you are single, a happy couple that craves more or yearning for a better relationship, in this free series you will get real answers and solutions that have already worked for thousands.

This series will reveal what is truly causing the most common relationship issues and will help you to shift simply by listening.

Learn an advanced form of meditation that has been known to rapidly change your love frequency. 

Preview Included frequency Meditations:

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Join Mas Sajady in a workshop like no other.

Gifted with extraordinary knowledge and abilities from two near death experiences, Mas gained the ability to shift people’s personal frequencies, helping to change their lives in a matter of minutes. 

In this 13 day program

you will be immersed in transformative frequencies to help release unwanted patterns and elevate your relationships simply by listening as Mas delves into common themes such as:

  • Toxic relationships – emotionally and/or physically unhealthy, lack of acknowledgement or empathy, constantly being drawn to the wrong person
  • Fading passion – loss of attraction, boredom, physical disconnect
  • Expectations – expecting yourself or others to be a certain way, looking to others to fulfill or complete you
  • Criticism overload – both giving or receiving excessive criticism
  • Neediness – losing yourself in others, codependence
  • Control – love with attachments/strings, rules, threats, guilt, keeping score
  • Infidelity – commitment issues, cheating, lack of trust
  • Feeling trapped – fear, lack of options, staying for children
  • Insecurities  – jealousy, feeling unworthy, undeserving, not enough, vulnerability, authenticity
  • Lack of respect – undervaluing, underappreciating, contempt, not being seen, heard, understood
  • Financial woes – financial incompatibility, pressure, stress, financial irresponsibility, dishonesty
  • Communication – honesty, transparency, lack of communication, hiding feelings, fighting
  • Turning into your parents – the tendency to repeat parents’ habits despite our best efforts

“I realized I have been doing the same pattern with all my women relationships, even those that actually never came to fruition. I am seeing more and more since I did the program. Amazing! job.”* 


“My family connection is sweeter and family issues seem to have dissolved.”*

Cristi B.

“All my relationships with friends, and my husband, were always based on people being smarter than me, which left me less than. Now going through this process, I can pick me first. Thank you for all you do in these programs with your guidance and removing the underlying frequencies. AWESOME!!!!”*


“People respect me now. People are nicer to me. I used to get walked all over. My life has changed TREMENDOUSLY. I can’t even begin to express myself on this subject!”*


“After the last 3 days of the Love Series something just clicked and I was just done with toxic people in my life- no explanation.”*

Jills S.

“The 13 ways totally transformed our relationship, and Mas working on him live on the 13 Ways took us to the next level.”*

Jenna H.

“I am listening to the 13 Ways on relationships and finding it very helpful. So grateful and thank you.”*


“I did not even realize until I met Mas, that it is possible to generate your own love for yourself, that is lasting and true, which fills up all the deep cuts and thousands of holes inside.”*

Violet D.

“My marriage is stronger and better than ever.”*

Lindsey G.

“It gave me tremendous clarity and assisted me in finally ending an incredibly toxic and narcissistic relationship that I have been allowing to drain my energy for 5 years. The words ‘thank you’ can not possibly describe the level of appreciation I have for you and your profound work. It was as if I finally snapped out of a spell and woke up.”*

Kyle C.

“It’s fascinating how doing the program has been a catalyst for my partner to have a total shift without him even listening to the meditation. He has changed to match my changing frequency..and mirrors my shift…it is amazing…he just got it…amazing stuff. I’m so grateful.”

Maria G.

“Since I started with Mas this year, I cannot express how much my life has transformed.
I got into an amazing and healthy relationship which I never thought possible. I have deleted these patterns I never thought would leave me and I have changed the relationships across the board.”*

Hema S.

“I’m loving how much my heart is opening up! I feel a greater capacity to love, regardless of anyone else’s resonance. It’s wonderful and I keep crying tears of joy to live at this level.”*

Jenna C.

“My life has changed immensely through the work I have done with Mas. I never had good relationships and couldn’t grow and evolve because I never knew who I was. Now I have amazing relationships that help me to evolve and become an even better version of myself.”*

Steve R.

“I’m developing a beautiful relationship with myself that I never thought was possible or even knew I cared to have. I am so present; it’s ninja-like. I can see through situations, people and events as a normal way of being which some people would call intuitive or energy reading.”*

Jessica M.

“Here I am now feeling free and happy to be alone at this time. I believe I may be experiencing how it feels to enjoy my own company, to truly like and love ME as I am right now; to claim my own space, to feel strong in my Identity; solid, grounded, present to myself, my grander self, my Life.”*



Instant Access
Begin your 13 Ways journey today.
Day 0-13 plus the Reunion are available for instant viewing.

15 Talk + Frequency Meditation sessions, including:

  • Day 0: Overview
  • Day 1: Toxic Relationships
  • Day 2: Fading Passion
  • Day 3: Expectations
  • Day 4: Criticism Overload
  • Day 5: Neediness
  • Day 6: Control
  • Day 7: Infidelity
  • Day 8: Feeling Trapped
  • Day 9: Insecurities
  • Day 10: Lack of Respect
  • Day 11: Financial Woes
  • Day 12: Communication
  • Day 13: Turning into Your Parents
  • Reunion session

Instant Access:
This work is not confined by linear time and physical space. The videos anchor you to the time it was recorded, connecting you with the frequencies and opening the consciousness of the topic, thereby receiving all the benefits.

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